Overcoming Self-Doubt

Rene used the messages from Presence to overcome self-doubt. As a student from Nigeria, studying in Canada, he felt like he didn’t belong, but through tiny tweaks to his body that then affected his mind, he was able to defeat this doubt to become not only a successful student, but a leader on campus and an entrepreneur.

René KayombyaSince Rene recorded this piece, he has become  an investment banker based in Montreal where he helps entrepreneurs raise capital to finance their growth plans and their eventual divestiture strategy. Rene was born in Rwanda, raised in Kenya and has studied and worked in 4 countries in the last 4 years. He holds a Finance degree from McGill University and an Urban Planning certificate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Aside from entrepreneurship, Rene is passionate about architecture, emerging markets investing and he is a proud gender equality champion! Rene might -or might not- also be a weekend skydiver!


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